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Press Release: Anderson gets endorsed by four major unions


 Four member unions representing 15,000 working men and women statewide say Anderson is the best voice to fight for the middle class

HONOLULU, Hawaii –  Together, the four member unions of the Hawaii Construction Alliance announced their endorsement today of Honolulu City Council Vice-Chair Ikaika Anderson, a Democrat, in his bid to represent Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district.  

The Hawai`i Construction Alliance is comprised of the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters; the Hawai`i Masons Union, Local 1 and Local 630; the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 368; and the Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 3. Combined, these four unions represent more than 15,000 workers statewide.

“As members of the middle class, our family knows first-hand how hard it is to provide for a family in Hawai`i,” said Anderson.  “Nothing is more important to Hawaii’s economic health as keeping our people gainfully employed so that they can proudly provide for their families, help with their children’s education, pay their mortgages, and most of all – live in dignity.

Now more than ever, we need voices who understand the struggles everyday families face trying to make it. As Hawaii’s newest voice in Washington D.C., I will stand up for the middle-class and support innovative, sensible solutions that put people back to work and get Hawai`i and the nation back on track.”

From a press release issued by the Hawai`i Construction Alliance:

Nolan Moriwaki, Financial Secretary/Business Manager of the Hawai`i Masons Union, Local 1 and Local 630, stated, "We have gotten to know Ikaika very well during his 15 years in government, and have seen how he fights for what he believes is right. We are confident in his leadership, and know that he will roll up his sleeves and get to work for us on Capitol Hill."

Peter Ganaban, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer of the Hawai`i Laborers' Union, Local 368, added, "Ikaika Anderson has the skills, judgment, and experience needed to be a strong leader for Hawai`i. As a member of the City Council, he has taken on tough issues and has shown that he isn't afraid to take a stand. He has a record of being an inclusive and independent leader. Our members and their families can count on him in Washington, D.C."

Pane Meatoga, Jr., Operating Engineers Local 3 District Representative, stated, "Ikaika Anderson is the right choice to represent Hawai`i in Congress. He brings youth and fresh ideas, experience and intelligence, and a willingness to bring people together to get the job done. Ikaika Anderson represents exactly what our state and nation needs at this critical time."

Ron Taketa, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Hawai`i Regional Council of Carpenters, summarized the group's decision by stating, "Our endorsement of Ikaika Anderson comes after a long look into his record. Ikaika Anderson has proven himself as the type of leader we need on Capitol Hill. He understands the issues facing our members and their families, and is committed to supporting a stronger economy for Hawai`i: creating quality local jobs, growing a clean energy industry here in the islands, and spending our tax dollars wisely."