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Ikaika Anderson gets support from two Hawaii State Senators

HONOLULU, HI -  Ikaika Anderson, City Council Vice-Chair and Candidate for U.S. Congress has secured the support of two Hawaii Senators - former State Senator Fred Hemmings (R) and Majority Leader Senator Brickwood Galuteria (D).  Hemmings and Galuteria were present at Anderson's announcement in August of 2013.  

"I support political leaders that promote individual freedom and the responsibility that goes with it. I support leaders that spend taxpayer's money carefully. I support leaders who get things done. That is why I am pleased to endorse Ikaika Anderson." Said Senator Hemmings.

"Having watched Ikaika serve his community over the years, I can think of no better candidate to represent Hawaii on a national level. He has proven to be an effective lawmaker, working on some of the toughest issues Oahu has ever faced. Ikaika has been able to accomplish major legislation in just a short time, demonstrating his effectiveness. Most important to me are Ikaika's values and the spirit of aloha he lives his life with, both traits that are very much needed right now in Washington D.C." Said Majority Leader, Senator Brickwood Galuteria.   

"I am honored to have the support of Hawaii's leaders who come from different sides of the aisle.  I have always strived to work with people of all different philiosophies and opinions to do what is best for the community that I was elected to serve and will take that style of working with me to D.C." Said Anderson.